tanz impulse   Dance therapy, school for dance, artistic-creative arts, continued education, training with Andreas Abele  
Garage 31   Photos, Painting, Art,
Gasteig Kulturzentrum   Venue for the Munich and International Dance Scene  
I-Camp   Venue for the Munich dance Comunity (formerly: Neues Theater Entenbachstr.)  
Joint Adventures   Promoter for dance Events and Workshops e.g.'Tanzwerkstatt Europa'  
Kleine-Nestler-Schule   Education and training for certified gymnastic teachers/trainers  
KNUA   Korean National University of Arts, Seoul  
Orff-Institut   Mozarteum Salzburg, Department 'Orff-Institut'  
Salon 77   "Salon 77" located at Würzburg.
An association dedicated to promote the presentation of Art, cultural education and socio-cultural communication. Also a venue for workshops
Schwere Reiter   The new space for Dance,Theatre an Music in Munich
  Tanzraum Lisa Kuttner Würzburg
Modern/Contemporary Dance and its connections to other arts.
Tanztendenz München e.V. Association of choreographers of the Munich Dance Scene  
Tanznetz.de   News about dance  
Theaterforum Gauting   Various events concerning theatre, dance, cabaret etc.
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